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Our Story

The name Arojintech was derived from an ancient Yoruba word “Arojinle” and the English word, “Technology” meaning “in-depth thinking” of indigenous technological solutions. Arojintech story spans over 7 years, and whole lot of R & D.

Who Are We?

Arojintech Nig. Ltd. is a renewable energy and distribution company whose mission started in 2009 and incorporated in 2013 by two seasoned and specialized persons in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Human Resource Management, Finance and Management Information Systems and Bio-Technological Development.

The commitment of Arojintech Nig. Ltd. is to spread technologies for harnessing renewable energy (RE). The term “renewable” refers to sources of energy that can never be diminished or exhausted, such as biomass, biogas, wind and sun.

What We Believe.


Fast is better than slow.

We know how valuable your time is. So, when you're seeking a solution to a problem, you want it quickly and faster. Our aim is to please your requests.


Better to do one thing really well.

We are not bothered about quantity quality because with quality on our mind, we will be able to satisfy much of our customers. Our R & D does a lot of findings before a product or service is rendered to the public.


Focus on the people.

We take an in-depth look into the society and figure out the current problem it's facing and look for a perfect solution which will not just curb the problem but also not be a problem to the people.

Our Vision

To synergise the elements of Nature with the
power of people and create a constant
resource for a beautiful world.